Confidence Tips For Shy People

By Nabihah_Zaid


We all have it - it's whether or not we stop ourselves from showing it is key. Sometimes, it can affect our mentality, our thoughts and our confidence. When it affects our confidence, it pretty much will affect our whole life. So, what can you do to build up your confidence and cover your shyness? In this article, I'd like to share ways I've found quite helpful to me personally, in building my confidence - or maybe, faking it.


I know, everyone can smile! But, not everyone realises that smile is a key factor in developing one's confidence. Sure, it's never a nice feeling to smile at someone and not being returned a smile, or when the most we'd get is a fake smile - we'd feel like a fool, smiling at someone who doesn't even seem to care. Let's look at it this way; maybe, the person we smiled at hasn't had a good day, maybe that's why they can't return a friendly smile.

I remember my bad days - it was just too horrible for me that I just cannot smile at anyone. Once, I was walking along the corridor and a random stranger passed by and smile. I felt guilty because I knew his intention was sole to help brighten my day. But, all I could give him was a sour, ugly 'smile'. There was also another time when a friend passed along the corridor and smiled - because I didn't wear my glasses at that time, I didn't notice him smiling until he came near and decided to give up on smiling at me. I think he never figured out why I didn't return his smile. So, whenever you feel like it's worthless to smile, think positive and just keep a happy, smiley face. After all, if you don't smile, who else is going to?

2.Practice talking

It doesn't take long, just practice whatever you want to say before you say it. Repeat the words you want to say in your head - imagine how you want to say it before you say it. When you feel like it's just a bit too much, take a deep breath and spill your words out.
Fact: Nobody's perfect

In life, there will always be people who think they're better than others - these kind people can be everywhere at times. But, remember, nobody's perfect - only because they think they're better than you doesn't mean they are. Don't be discouraged by these people, they're normal human beings and maybe being cocky is just their way of gaining their confidence. You don't have to be loud to be proud of yourself - just make sure your voice is not too soft and not too high, just enough for people to hear it would be good.

3.Giving your best is always worthwhile

Remember, mistakes are inevitable. When you've made one, learn from it and move on - use it as a lesson for the future, and avoid repeating it. Unfortunately, when we've made a mistake, people may still remind ourselves of it. The best thing to do is smile and joke about it. When you HAVE to do something, you might as well do it with style, your style! Just give your best and if people make fun of you, let them. They're probably just sad attention-seekers who would do anything to feel 'proud' of themselves, even when it means pushing people down.

Nabihah is an 18-year-old girl who not only learns from her experience but others'. She loves to read and write and watch TV programmes which she finds useful in life, hence the secret behind her knowledge. Poetry as her favourite hobby, and blogging her second, she's always known as a cheeky monkey.

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