8 interesting Facts you should know about love and money

8 interesting Facts you should know about  love and money

There are has been many debates and controversy on the issue of love and money. Many married people, courting couples and young people around have argued  that one of the two is more important than the other , some have said, love is more important than money while others its vice versa . If that's the conflict in your mind need to worry has we have complied as amazing comparison of the two (love and money).

1.What is money and love?

Money is a form of physical exchange that is used to obtain whatever goods and services one need in life,
while love is the emotional feeling that one is able; to experience, to show and receive from someone doing actions, gesture, signs of love and leaves you with the feeling of wanting to fly over the moon with great joy.

2.What happens in the absence of love and money?

Love is pure, sweet and at times very painful, our lives depends on it and it often seems like our planet would stop spinning if love was removed or did not exist, also people would stop relating to each in a friendly manner like they do,
while the existence of money is necessary for the sustenance a civilized society, if all sort of money was removed from the society, it could hardly survive for long time. Most people need money to live, with no money the world would crumble into confusion and misery.

3.How do they exist?

Money is physical; one is able to see the banknotes, coins and the amount of wealth they have expressed in property such as vehicles, house and other luxuries which they can clearly see, touch and have the full guarantee that they have it,
while love is an abstract emotional feeling it only exist in our mind, hearts and is only expressed physically through gifts, cards, ted gears and others presents , one does not have the full guarantee that the other person love them equally has they do (some people are great pretenders especially ladies and am not been bias)

4.Can they bring happiness?

Money enables one to buy whatever things they wish to have;  good clothes, food, a duplex house, nice car and also money gains you access to paid services like movie theatres, sports stadiums etc.. These are the very things people across the globe strive for in their lives, even lovers,
 while love is overwhelming, it something we strive for and something we mourn the loss of, it makes happy to know that someone loves us the way we are, it makes smile and laugh all the time leaving with the feeling of butterflies in the tummy and wanting to fly over the moon ..So in conclusion yes both makes us happy.

5.What role does each play in a relationship?

Loves is very important in a relationship, it’s the centre core of any relationship two people must be in love to choose to be together and to be emotionally connected, if two people of different nature choose to live together dispute their faults and share a mutual bond well  it’s because of love,
while money helps to nurture a relationship and make it enjoyable , two people in love need money to go on dates, romantic picnic , buy food , presents and other things that makes loves grow stronger . You can’t do the mentioned things without money.. So both loves and money are important in relationship.

6.Can they lead to evil?

Money is not evil but the love of money (that the desire to have more than other) is the root of all evil, people commit a lot of evil things just to have money some; steal, indulge in corrupt activities, sell illegible drugs others even kill for money. Something that society does not desire and wish for ,
while on other hand love also can be deadly has people kill, steal and commit the imaginable crimes just to please their lovers. Some even commit suicide when they discover their loved ones is cheating on them.


Yes love is addictive studies show that just by looking at the photo of your loved one can trigger caudate, the region of the brain responsible for craving and making one avoid other important activities , friends, church ,work ,school just to be with that person
while money is also addictive one may just want to do the work or job that gives them money even at the expense of their health and loved ones.

8.Who can afford it?

Nearly anyone can afford to love, be loved depending on where loves finds you and how they find each other attractive and adjust to each other.
 while on the other hand not everyone who want money or to be rich can afford it, you can't find wealth or money at the corner street like love, you need to work for it and its takes time, effort and commitment .
note : Some people die trying and other live a poor unhappy life.

So our honest conclusion  both love and money are very important in life, the two form a balance , it like one cannot exist without the other the two compliment each other and in a relationship love will bind two people together while money will help to grow their love......

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